The U.S Department of Justice revised the “Americans with Disabilities Act” for Service Animal Evaluation in 2010. The ADA National Network released a self-advocacy resource named as “Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals“.

In Florida, there are many agencies who are offering service animal evaluations programs. Some of them trained by owner and still others trained and placed via other methods. After completion of training, the rescue dogs are selected to complete service dog training to varying degrees of success.

It’s a fact that very few dogs are capable of enjoying and succeeding at Service Dog work. Even in Service
Dog and Guide Dog programs that have well established breeding programs, the rate of failure is high. It truly takes a quality temperament to flourish as a partner to a person with a disability, and while temperament is vital things. There are other factors like good health, genetics, a structure that may matter. If a dog isn’t bred for
Service and it has an unknown history or backstory, it is difficult to consider the dog for service.Service Animal Evaluations