Ocala Counseling provides individualized care to clients with common emotional disorders or going through any difficulty in life from the comfort and privacy of their homes or offices via a web browser or mobile app. We can also go to your home, your workplace or meet you wherever is most convenient. We are open 7 days per week and take appointments up until 9:00 pm. This means you do not have to take time off from work or school to see us. Also, you do not have to drive anywhere as we come to you. More than 60% of our clients use Internet-based services. Studies have shown that for most issues, online counseling or therapy is just as effective as in person. This is especially true for people suffering from anxiety disorders or the elderly.

Ocala Counseling believes that technological innovation has accelerated to the point that many clients can receive the same or superior counselling for behavioural health issues without taking time off from work, driving to the office, sitting in a busy waiting room, or potentially giving up your right to privacy. Clients can now have a live video visit with us from any quiet, comfortable and private location with a good internet connection. Our business currently has more male clients than female which is the first time in 3 years that this is the case. Men, traditionally have looked at Counseling/ Therapy as a service females get. In 2017 men in counseling has risen by 120% which is great. Many men have issues at home, in a relationship, anxiety, sexual issues, depression, or adult ADD/HD. Online services as they become more prevalent, bring in more males because there is less of a stigma attached and the privacy online support can provide is most likely the most confidential you can get.
With the majority of mental health centers or Doctor ’s offices being acquired by hospital systems and private equity funds, Counselors, Therapist’s, and Doctors are becoming mere employees who are expected to toe the company line. That means following policies and guidelines that are often designed by accountants, attorneys or risk managers to increase profits and lower perceived risk, all at the expense of you, the patient.  Couple this with health insurers who are expert at installing hurdles designed increase profits to report to Wall Street, and it’s no wonder why the United States spends more than twice as much money on healthcare than any other industrialized nation but has markedly worse life spans, child mortality, and other health measures.
Ocala Counseling along with many other online services available will change these dynamics by taking the insurance companies and hospital systems out of the equation and creating that special bond between  Counselor and client to work together collaboratively to achieve the highest level of mental health and well-being possible. We understand that in addition to value and convenience, our clients value their privacy above all else. At Ocala Counseling, we deliver a best in class experience by removing potential failure points that can lead to data breaches.

In the end, we will use the efficiencies gained by technology to keep prices reasonable so we can touch and improve the lives of as many people as possible while never losing sight that when it comes to clients well being, one size never fits all.