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Services We Provide

Marriage Counseling

ADD/HD Counseling

Guidance Counseling/ College Prep

Health & Wellness Counseling

Drug Testing

Stress/ Anxiety Counseling

Drug & Alcohol Evaluations

Family Counseling

Men’s Therapy

Court Mediation Services

Career Counseling

Holistic Healing


We do not accept insurance. You may be able to use your HSA account if your employer offers one for some of our services. We take all credit/ debit cards and payments are due at time of service. Any medical/ mental health expenses may be tax deductible.– Please use the contact form for any questions regarding an exact quote on other services not listed. All other fees are provided below

1st Session- Intake or Evaluation

First session with us. Lasts 90-120 minutes. We, together go over questions regarding short and long-term goals, history, and future planning. This can be done as a couple or individual.

Adult Counseling Session

mileage if outside 20-mile radius


Alcohol/ Drug Treatment

For initial evaluation

For follow up appointments

This includes all Court ordered services.

Adolescent and Child Counseling

Performance counseling, school counseling, college prep counseling, mental health, eating disorders, peer relations, parents going through a separation or divorce, ADD or ADHD cost is per session. The first session is $220. due to time requirement


Drug Testing/ DOT

a per mile rate

Marriage Counseling

For initial evaluation

For follow up appointments



We are available to all of our clients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our normal operating hours are 6:30 am- 9:30 pm Monday-Friday. We do offer all Counseling services on nights and weekends for our client’s convenience at no extra charge. Clients may text us at anytime between sessions free of charge as well as email. Phone calls will be charged if over 30 minutes.

We Serve Clients in Florida and New England

Our company tends to follow the HITS horse show circuit. This means we are in Ocala November-May and in the Northeast for the summer months. Our FL clients have access to us using a web based system. We also fly back and forth on the months we are not physically based in Florida.

Online Counseling

Almost 50% of our clients use our online services (facetime/ Skype sessions). It is a convenient and quick way to get a 1:1 Coach almost immediately and any time of the day or night.

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